SCROLL HOLE: The uncontrollable act of endlessly and mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds. 🌸

The similarity to “down the rabbit hole dis not escape me!

Our brain likes to finish acts and uses that as a sign to stop. We finish the food on our plate, we finish our working hours, we finish our exercise after the allotted time.🌸

With social media, and endless episodes of Netflix, this cue for brain to stop is absent. This is simply not natural for our minds!🌸

We know why social media is invested in creating these scroll holes (more revenue). But why are we invested? It’s because we engage the dopamine-seeking reward loop, which keeps us in this black hole. But we do loose precious time in the process, which could have been utilized for productive activities, or spent with more awareness.🌸

And these scroll holes have become a regular part of our lives, without us even realizing it!🌸

Learn to mentally log-off of social media for pre-specified periods of time and engage with the people and the environment around yo and you will find that so much more satisfying!

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4 thoughts on “Scroll-hole

      1. Same here. During the pandemic, I used more often since we couldn’t go anywhere. We still don’t have a plan for traveling.


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