“Why do I need to eat fruits? I already eat vegetables!”

🌼 It’s essential to have as varied and healthy a diet as possible, this ensures optimum intake of all kinds of micronutrients and anti-oxidants. For e.g., resveratrol, one of the most powerful anti-ageing chemicals, is found abundantly in grapes (red wine, anyone?)

🌼 Fruits do not need to be prepared, and are ideal candidates for snacking. Just cut, slice, peel and voila!

🌼 Both fruits and vegetables have shown to have significant health benefits in studies.

🌼 And honestly, fruits just are more delicious than vegetables!

A serving or two of fresh fruit (not the canned stuff or juice boxes) does wonders for your taste, your mood and your health!

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6 thoughts on “Fruits

  1. I’ll have a glass of red wine please to increase my grape intake. At the moment, my favourite fruit combo from the grocery store has pineapple, strawberries, grapefruit, and apples. And I’m waiting for them to start stocking dragonfruit and papaya.

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