Boosting Immunity

2020, leading into 2021, has seen a surge in supplements/products claiming to boost our immune system, as a result of the ubiquitous virus. 🌿

However, the way our immune system acts, we need a “balanced immune system”, not a boosted one. In fact, people with COVID-19 who had an overreacting immune system, had severe reactions and symptoms, with the immune system destroying healthy tissue (cytokine storm).🌿

Therefore, the next time you plan to spend money on any of these supplements, take a pause and think! An excess of everything (pretty much) is bad! Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, and following proper hygiene protocols, is still our best bet, as we in India head into a potential second wave and many countries brace for their third.🌿

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3 thoughts on “Boosting Immunity

  1. Great post, doctor. As you know, I have to avoid anything that says “boost immune system”. Anything that makes it stronger would destroy me. And it’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t realise how much damage they are doing to themselves by taking these supplements.

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