Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are a vital component for our body, and these need to be sourced from our food. They are of two types: Omega 6 and Omega 3. 🌴

Most traditional Indian diets provide sufficient Omega 6, but might lack in Omega 3. Fatty fish is the most well-known source while flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts are good sources for vegetarians.

Also, there is a huge range of Omega-3 supplements, but supplements shouldn’t be considered as an alternative to real food.🌴

This is my daily dose of omega-3, I add a tablespoon to my curd daily: protein, fiber, healthy fat, and probiotic all together make it a super healthy snack!🌴

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6 thoughts on “Essential Fatty Acids

  1. Very super conscious about my Omega-3 and I am searching for the perfect supplement. As I’m allergic to shellfish, I can’t have krill oil or many cod-liver oil supplements. So I tried flaxseeds. That’s how I found out that I’m severely allergic. As you know, I am allergic to everything anyway so this is not weird. If it weren’t for that, I would be having ground flaxseeds every morning with almond milk.

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      1. Chia is fine. I grind them up by hand and put them in my almond/coconut flour microwave mug cakes. Got a 2kg bag of fresh, high-quality seeds from a colleague recently who said she got too many.

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