Stress: Then and Now

What evolved biologically in us as a defense mechanism is easily overwhelming us nowadays.🍁

Our ancestors either relaxed after they found safe shelter, or they were eaten up! Stress was, literally, a matter of life and death!🍁

In today’s world, the sources of stress are different and most are nowhere near as lethal, but our body reacts the same way as it did when we lived in the savannah. What has changed is that there are continuous triggers, and we do not get any break. A missed deadline, a traffic jam, the annual appraisal cycle, none of these are as potentially fatal as a rustle in the underbrush near a Homo habilis camp at night but we react to them as though they are, and these stressors are constantly attacking us. No surprise then, stress can significantly impact our health and trigger a number of diseases.🍁

However, we can hack the biological pathway of stress, and activate the relaxation response. Stress management is all about understanding this difference, about understanding how it impacts us and what we can do to get a grip on it. 🍁

Living life with intent, and being able to identify when stress becomes overwhelming, is the first step!🍁

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