Stress: Then and Now

What evolved biologically in us as a defense mechanism is easily overwhelming us nowadays.🍁 Our ancestors either relaxed after they found safe shelter, or they were eaten up! Stress was, literally, a matter of life and death!🍁 In today’s world, the sources of stress are different and most are nowhere near as lethal, but our body … Continue reading Stress: Then and Now


Yoghurt and fruits have been my staples for breakfast when I am travelling, and it is really difficult to find healthy vegetarian options outside India (though things are getting better)! In fact they are my saviors when I am trekking or touring, and there is just no time for eating slowly. These are quick energy … Continue reading Yoghurt


Blueberries aren't that commonly available in India, but we do have an alternative, Jamun! I ❤️ it. Jamuns are sometimes confused with berries though they are technically a variety of plum (black plum, Java plum). The tree is a native Indian species and a common sight in farmer's markets. The acidic fruit is usually eaten … Continue reading Jamun!


Almonds are a great all-year-round go to snack. Keep them handy wherever you are so you handle those sudden urges to nibble on something.🌻 Almonds can provide heart-protection by improving our lipid profile and blood pressure levels.Emerging evidence also supports a beneficial role for almonds in glucose regulation, metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammation.🌻 They are … Continue reading Almonds